Increased sales and website traffic, market entry, customer satisfaction and competitiveness are some of the benefits from professional translation. Whether you want to improve your international online visibility, expand to new markets, or enhance your digital marketing strategy, Localised Web can assist you with high quality translations tailored to your specific needs.

180+ language combinations

With the use of the latest translation technology, SEO tools and an optimized workflow we provide translation services for various industries in over 180 language combinations. We collaborate with professional native translators who are specialized in various fields and a dedicated Project Manager will manage the project for you.

Standard Translation or Transcreation

You can choose from 3 different translation types: standard translation, translation + review and transcreation.

Localization Approaches

The right localization approach supports the performance of your content and/or marketing strategy, for example:

  • Standard translations are mostly used for technical texts such as manuals with specific terminology.
  • E-commerce sites and community-based platforms engage and motivate users with transcreation.
  • Website content aiming to increase traffic and conversion rates benefits from SEO translation that takes on-page optimization into account.

We offer SEO translation upon quotation of content that is part of your company’s SEO strategy, is performed by specialised SEO linguists who are knowledgeable about the specific target market, local culture, and search intent.

We apply location specific keyword research tools and take into consideration the latest local search engine requirements for on-page optimization when localizing your website content.