The increased use of promotional and social videos on social media includes subtitles or captions that engage the viewer and ensure that the message is properly communicated for the target group. Videos with subtitles or captions can be indexed by search engines that make them more easy to find. Moreover, captions ensure that the message of the video will be understood in non-audio contexts.

Visual material is one of the most popular medias online making it an essential magnet for traffic and a driving force for publicity. It’s a very useful media, as you have the option to reuse it in several markets with the sole addition of subtitles in different languages.

Videos with subtitles or captions can be indexed by search engines which make them easier to find. Localised Web provides subtitles for your presentational video, corporate visual content or recorded webinars as well as promotional and social videos. We support a wide range of formats and language combinations.

Subtitling is a craft that take into consideration important aspects such as cueing, condensation and reading speed for the purpose of making the subtitles appear as a natural part of the video that support and enhance the visual content. Localised Web can provide high quality subtitles and captions for your branded, promotional, corporate or social video and we can provide for a wide range of video formats.

Localised Web adheres to the guidelines for subtitles in Denmark which are agreed on by the entire Danish subtitling industry and they describe best practice and apply exclusively to subtitles and define the standard for good subtitling in Denmark. The guidelines have been compiled by Forum for Billedmedieoversættere, the Danish subtitlers’ association within The Danish Union of Journalists, in dialogue with The Danish Language Council. You can download the guidelines in PDF format below.