We provide quality subtitles for many video types, broadcasting and streaming services. Our vendors are experienced subtitlers vetted for the specific project.

Videos are one of the most popular media on the internet which makes them a driver for traffic and online exposure. Videos have high promotional value, as they can be reused in several target markets with the sole addition of subtitles in different languages.

The Many Why’s of Subtitling

Professional subtitles support your online video in delivering higher audience engagement and ensure that the message is properly communicated for the target groups. Videos with subtitle scripts are indexed by search engines that makes them easier to find. Moreover, translated subtitles ensure that the message of the video will be understood in non-audio contexts.

How to Create Subtitles

Subtitling is a craft that takes into consideration important aspects such as condensation, reading speed and character limitation. Professional subtitles integrate seamlessly with the video, support the visual content and enhance the viewer experience.

Subtitles for Different Use Cases

Localised Web provides high quality subtitles and captions for e.g. videos on your YouTube channel, online videos or recorded webinars as well as broadcasting and streaming services. We can handle a wide range of subtitling formats and language combinations and we adhere to national subtitling guidelines in the respective local markets and the client’s style guide and specifications.

We apply the most appropriate technology according to the use cases and file formats of the videos. Our subtitlers are experienced linguists vetted for the specific project.

Subtitling quotation is calculated based on:

  • the nature and duration of the video
  • template creation
  • subtitling with or without template
  • subtitling with or without script
  • captioning to same language
  • quality check of whole file
  • quality spot checks.