This phrase is close to nonsense for most people, but for SEO professionals it makes perfect sense. Search engine optimization has its own unique terms, definitions, and abbreviations such as AJAX which many readers will associate with the Dutch football team or the cleaning product brand but in SEO terms it means Asynchronous JavaScript and XML which is a set of web development techniques that allows JavaScript scripts to send data requests and receive responses without having to reload the entire page.

Video recorded 27 October 2020:

In pandemic times the number of online businesses increases significantly and so does the need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the localization of user-facing content such as URLs, navigation, meta descriptions, and slogans written for local audiences.

For beginners in the SEO field it can be an overwhelming task and the related terms, jargon and abbreviations does not make it any easier. Familiarizing yourself with the applied SEO terminology while diving deeper into the world of international SEO is a good start.

Search Engine Journal has a SEO glossary with more than 200 of the most common terms and Moz’s glossary includes definitions and helpful links within nine different fields. Maybe the most comprehensive list is offered by Morningscore’s glossary with 450 SEO-related terms and definitions. For the visual learners, content strategist and digital marketer Alexandra Cote, has created a visual guide to 79 different SEO terms.

You can make your online business successful if your international SEO efforts are aligned with professionally localized content. And by the way; yes, spiders should recognize breadcrumbs as it encourage visitors to see more pages of a website.