The translation agency and e-residency marketplace member, Localised Web, has entered a partnership with the number 1 digital marketing agency in the US, SocialSEO, to offer a comprehensive solution for online entrepreneurs who want high-converting multilingual content for different markets.

The US based agency SocialSEO builds traffic, leads, and conversion for some of the Internet’s top brands. They have over 18 years of digital marketing experience and provide a full suite of digital marketing services, from search engine marketing and video creation to influencer marketing and SEO.

Localised Web specializes in translation of websites and other digital media such as videos, apps, software, and platforms. The agency offers translations with the target group in mind and optimize content for search, so it is ready for new markets and customers, and their clients get found on for example Google when people search for their products or services.

Joining Forces in The US and EU

In short, Localised Web’s mission is to get your word out among potential clients and users to grow your business in relevant markets and they partner with freelancers and agencies who are aligned with this mission.

Simon Golding

Senior digital marketing consultant at SocialSEO, Simon Golding, knows the digital nation of E-residency, and the SocialSEO team are looking forward to leveraging their skills and expertise for e-residents with Localised Web:

”We are familiar with the exciting e-residency concept from the people of Estonia, and we are excited to have an excellent EU based localization vendor partner, who can support us and our clients in any localization needs for European languages.”

Refined Brands and Targeted Content

Localised Web and SocialSEO can help e-residents on their international growth journey by driving lead generation, brand awareness and ultimately revenue. Their combined skillset gives e-residents the ability to market across any country covered by the language sets of Localised Web, and any English-speaking nation. As Simon Golding puts it:

 ”Thanks to this partnership we can target almost any country. We can help e-residents refine their brand identity, produce quality branding and leverage existing assets like strong email lists where they are based, and in their target market.”

Bridging Regions and Nations

He highlights the added value provided by Localised Web to their current service offering, such as the ability to deploy content in other languages, both for paid and organic media, conduct keyword research in the native language of the target market which allows for efficient marketing support in many non-English speaking contexts.

Being a US based company, naturally a majority of 70 % of their clients are based in the US and the rest are dotted all around the world; Thailand, Australia, Russia, EU, Japan, Israel, and South Africa, are a few examples. SocialSEO has had great success helping national clients secure international exposure and growth by deploying paid and organic strategies. ”We are best suited to take local companies to national, and national companies to international,” explains Simon Golding.

The Localised Web team is certain that this partnership will benefit all e-residents; cross-border companies, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs who are interested in priming their content for international growth.