Meta Descriptions

We offer well-written meta descriptions for a wide variety of searchers, markets and search engines to maximize the outcome of your multilingual SEO efforts.

What are Meta Descriptions?

Meta descriptions are 50 to 160 characters long web page summaries displayed on the search engine result pages below the clickable links. It is equivalent to an advertisement or your ‘store front’ on the online marketplace.

If your meta description is compelling, correctly targeted and relevant for your linking page it may attract visitors and increase conversions. The purpose of meta descriptions is to convince potential users or clients to click on your search result.

Ranking Factor for Search Engines

Depending on the search engine used, meta descriptions influence search engine optimization (SEO) differently. They are not a direct ranking factor for Google, but they can maximize click-through rates (CTR) from the search engine result pages and Google will award pages with increased traffic a higher ranking.

Russian Yandex Search’s requirements for meta descriptions are similar to Google’s such as unique content for each page, informative content without keyword stuffing, capital letters and advertising slogans.

For the Chinese search engine Baidu meta descriptions are a direct ranking factor and they should contain at least one or two keywords and a branded term in the form of 78 simplified Chinese characters.

Search engines bold keywords in meta description when they match a search query. The bold text help searchers find relevant information faster, so it is a good idea to match your descriptions with search terms.

Compelling, Relevant, and Accurate

We craft compelling meta description that supports CTR and conversions for your web pages as they:

  • include keywords for the targeted locale
  • are aligned with search intent
  • provide a precise description of the linking page
  • contain a call-to-action when relevant
  • use a tone of voice fitted for targeted personas
  • are unique from your other meta descriptions.

We offer well-written meta descriptions for a wide variety of searchers, markets and search engines. When these three aspects are considered in your SEO translation you are a good step ahead when optimizing for an international audience which can increase conversions significantly.