E-residents are located all over the world and depend largely on a great multilingual website where they can present their products or services and connect with clients and partners from different countries. Localised Web helps them on their path to international growth.

Business in The Digital Age

The Internet has in many ways disrupted the way we conduct business and for growth-minded online entrepreneurs it is now common to perform cross-border business with foreign clients. As e-resident founders Georg Klausner and Ian Ayad from MansionTech OÜ put it in the E-residency Blog in April 2020:

“As the planet grows closer together, diversity in knowledge becomes vital; we, therefore, work tirelessly to make our products and services available in multiple languages, including Portuguese, German, Arabic, Spanish, and of course, English. All of this with the swiftness required in to today’s business environment.”

E For Estonia and E-residency

My business partner, Juha Valtonen, and I moved to Tallinn in January 2019 and founded Localised Web OÜ as both e-residents and Estonian residents. So, we know some of the questions and answers that arise when e-residents want to start and grow their business as we are familiar the Estonian business and administration environment.

Juha Valtonen and Lajka Hollesen at their previous office in Tallinn’s Old Town.

In June 2021 we joined the E-residency Marketplace that include service providers that have been curated based on careful due diligence by the E-Residency team. We are a company with both an international reach and approach as we translate between 180 language pairs and our clients are based all over the world. Visitors can contact us for a quote in their native language in our multilingual chat, and we speak Czech, Danish, Finnish, English, and Spanish.

Full Circle: From Setup to Publishing

Our services are directed to e-residents with businesses at any stage – from startups to the more established companies. Translation and localization are our core services, but we also offer services within overlapping areas, such as website creation and digital marketing services.

To ensure international growth for our clients we have close collaborations with qualified specialists. Highly rated full-stack developers set up your website, so it is ready for localization in your preferred languages.

When your website ready to go live or if you already have a site in place, we help you improve website performance across countries through our partnership with a multiple award-winning digital marketing agency that helps companies increase their online visibility and website traffic through a full suite of search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, social media, email, and video marketing services.

Get Discovered Internationally

The mission of Localised Web is to bridge the gap between localization and digital marketing by offering multilingual website content that is optimized for Google Search. In other words, all your text, images, videos, etc. is presented in the native language of your website visitors and potential customers. 

According to a Statista report only 25,9% of the internet users are English speakers closely followed by Chinese, Spanish and Arabic. But it all comes down to the languages of your target groups and deciding on the right markets to cater for which require thorough market research.

We look forward to assisting more fellow e-residents on their growth journey.