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With a focus on translations for digital media we help companies build online presence, enter new markets, and expand their customer base.


Service Overview - Background

The ability to communicate clearly and efficiently with clients in their own language is critical for any company in a digital marketplace.

We help companies improve their online presence, enter new markets, and expand their customer base by offering translations tailored for digital content and marketing.


We provide translation services for various industries in over 180 language combinations. We collaborate with professional native translators who are specialized in various fields.


Our team of reviewers verify that the text is appropriately translated to the target market, follows the client’s style guide and terminology, and is free of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.


Transcreation combines creative translation and writing to adapt a text from one language to another based on the client’s creative brief, the target culture and the readers of your transcreated content.


High quality subtitles for online videos, recorded webinars or for broadcasting and streaming services. We support a wide range of subtitling formats and 25+ language combinations.


We offer persuasive copywriting that converts visitors into buyers or users on your website or platform. It is sales copy with the purpose of enticing readers to buy your products or services.


We provide translations for search engine optimization (SEO), optimized content and researched keywords with high search volumen and low competition within your target markets and languages.


We apply voice recognition that is then edited by a professional native transcriptionist who is familiar with the dialects or accents of the speakers in the recording.


Our certified terminologist, Stine Jensen, provides terminology services including consultancy and project management as well as training and ad-hoc terminology assistance.

Results-driven Translations For Digital Media

We are an innovative translation agency that offers translation for a wide range of sectors and subject fields
with a focus on localization of digital media such as websites, apps, devices, videos, and software.


We help you optimize your individual web pages for international search with valuable keywords by finding local phrases and topics that are relevant to your business and rankable keywords with high search volume and low competition.

Meta Descriptions

We offer meta descriptions for a wide variety of searchers, markets and search engines, so you are a good step ahead when optimizing for an international audience which can increase conversions significantly.

Image SEO

Depending on the function of the image, different text descriptions needs to be added. We optimize your images by adding or amending filenames, image titles and alt tags that are aligned with the respective image purposes.

Headers & Titles

Our SEO linguists make sure your headers and titles for your body content are in line with local search preferences. They advise on optimized and catchy headers and titles and recommend keywords with high search volumen for your target market.

Website Localization And Translations For SEO

By combining SEO translation and website localization we make online products and services available in different languages and locations. We translate and optimize on-page elements that are important for international SEO such as keywords, meta descriptions, headers, tags, and images to improve search engine rankings, organic traffic and conversions. To ensure higher conversion rates we provide marketing translation, transcreation and SEO translation in several languages.

The Founders

Juha Valtonen

Juha Valtonen

Juha Valtonen has provided language services on a full time basis for more than 500 different clients primarily within technical translation.

Lajka Birkedal Hollesen

Lajka Hollesen

Lajka Hollesen manages translation and subtitling projects within many subject fields. She specializes in audiovisual translation and SEO content.

The Numbers


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Language Services

  • Translation
  • Review
  • Transcreation
  • Subtitles
  • Terminology
  • Transcription
  • Writing

SEO Services

  • Translation for SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Headers and Titles
  • Image SEO
  • YouTube SEO

Content Types

  • Audio-visual and multimedia content
  • Digital communication
  • Web media
  • Digital publishing
  • E-commerce and e-learning
  • Websites and apps
  • Devices and software

Our Clients Are Based All Over The World

Trusted By International Brands


We used Localised Web for specific web-related translation requirements and were highly satisfied with their service which was very professional. We specifically appreciated the accuracy of the translations and the short turnaround time.

Claudia MozaffariFundeye.com
Simon Golding

We are excited to have an excellent EU based localization vendor partner, who can support us and our clients in any localization needs for European languages.

Simon GoldingSocialSEO
Steven Vanholme

Lajka translated many pages of www.ekoenergy.org to Danish (version November 2013). She is accurate, well organized and sticks to her promises. I always have a good feeling when I get her texts and comments. Like a gift from heaven. Thanks.

Steven VanholmeEKOenergy
Albert Jean H Thys

Great company to work for, very straightforward, open communications, correct and on-time remuneration.

Albert Jean H ThysTranslator
Kine Rognstad

Very professional at all levels. Great to work with. Can absolutely recommend.

Kine RognstadTranslator
Hilde Turkoz

Great to work with Localised Web. Payment on time, easy communication and useful feedback.

Hilde TurkozTranslator