Global SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps your content rank higher in search engine results such as Google which can generate new leads and customers for your business. SEO is all about knowing your target group and attracting them to your site by adding the keywords they search for. When you attract target audiences you will gain increased visibility and content engagement, which leverage sales and improve your marketing strategy.

Successful keywords research for local markets considers the cultural differences within the same language group, e.g. Australian vs UK English, or the different Spanish language users in Spain and South America. Direct translations or machine-translated keywords should always be carefully reviewed to ensure the best match between keywords and target groups.

Localised Web offers keyword research and planning for your global SEO content to ensure maximum reach. We use professional SEO tools and help you find relevant high-volume keywords with low competition, and we guide you in persona research to create content that matches user intent.

Knowing your customer or audience is critical for SEO as well as for the user experiences on your website and brand equity. A SEO analysis in combination with a cultural and persona analysis gives your business a competitive edge that makes you stand out from your competitors. Good SEO practice enables a user journey without any disappointments or surprises because the content and user interface are built around the needs of the user.