Localised Web Office

Photo: Jake Farra

Localised Web is a digital agency that specializes in translation, SEO texts, online branding, transcreation and copywriting for local markets. We offer language services for many sectors and translation of a wide variety of text types such as technical, marketing, manuals, legal and IT with a special focus on localisation of text related web and app content. All of these activities ensure the proper localisation management for companies who seek a comprehensive and quality assured solution for localization of their content. Localised Web offers a professional one-stop-shop for the localisation of all web content categories.

Our services are tailored to the client’s needs whether they are seeking localisation of the entire web site or single web elements. This harmonised approach is beneficial as the result is streamlined content that can be supported by language specific style guides and terminology databases according to the client’s requirements. The localisation of one or more web categories will take into account the style and terminology used in other current web content categories on the website or app.

Mission Statement

Driven by today’s challenges in the localization industry especially with regards to web content, we strive to establish an effective localization process that is time-saving and cost-effective without compromising the quality of the localized content. It is a mission that requires knowledge about the different web content categories and their interaction as well as the user experience and the digital context in which the content is used. To ensure the best services Localised Web adapts to the technological developments in the industry through the use of state-of-the-art technology and an optimised workflow.