In order to have a meaningful and recognizable brand in different markets the content and visual identity of the business should be coherent, authentic and targeted for your audience. This includes choosing a voice for your written content and a colour palette, font and illustrative style for your visual material. This ensures recognizable posted content which strengthens your brand identity.

Localised Web assists businesses in the localization of branded content in the form of written content and subtitles for audio-visual media and we help develop logos and visual identity that emphasises the brand identity. We help businesses to shape brand narratives and position statements that reflect the company’s values and visions and ensure their suitability for different markets.

Defining your target market and audience strengthens your brand positioning and branded content can be an important catalyst for channelling your company’s values that work as a basis for meaningful engagement. An effective and authentic brand reflects the needs and desires of their target audience by providing valuable insights and stories that speak to the heart.  

Audiences are looking for a human aspect and meaningful stories that are relevant to their lives and preferences, and branded content targeted by interests, culture and language leads to increased engagement and positive brand perception in local markets. Localised Web helps companies zeroing in on the international target audience and their corresponding social media channels to build brand awareness and ensure that their branded content engages and provides meaningful narratives in local markets.

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